Syrup production


It is a liquid substance, transparent or opalescent, without odors and inclusions. It is a development that includes new technologies for the processing of work material and natural ingredients combinations to obtain stable flavoring qualities.

Scope of use

Syrup PREMIUM partially or completely substitute granulated sugar in the production of soft and alcoholic beverages, milkshakes and curd masses, compotes, fruit drinks, juice drinks, and so on.

The main advantages of syrup using over granulated sugar and sweeteners:

1. Reducing production and energy costs.

Syrup is added at the same stage as the sugar blending syrup and does not require additional technological operations or additional equipment. In the process of beverage production, operations for making and preparation of syrup are not required, as when working with granulated sugar. The use of the finished liquid product is much cheaper (it reduces the cost of electrical energy, gas, labor, complex laboratory testing (for example, the presence of saponins), stored work material, therefore, it requires less storage space and lower costs for loading and unloading.

2. The reduction in the cost of logistics (transport and storage) up to 8 times.

Due to the increased sweetness of the syrup per unit of weight, the number and volume of transported and stored work material are reduced. That is, the cost of transporting our work material to your warehouse, as well as the area for storage and the cost of loading and unloading are significantly reduced!

3. Ease of dosing

As a liquid product, the syrup is easily dosed in automatic and manual mode, both in volume and in weight.

4.  Strong aroma and rich flavor of the finished product

Due to the synergism of sugars that the syrup contains, sweetness can consist of 7-9 units. (to sugar), and due to their carefully chosen ratio, there are no “failures” at the initial and subsequent stages of the sweetness sensation.

5. Reducing the risk of 0.45 microns

That leads to its almost complete bactericidal sterility. The absence of bacteria, including leukonostok, removes the problem of products damage in a warm room or in the hot season.

6. Increasing the shelf life of finished products

An important quality of PREMIUM syrup is the absence of inversion in finished products, because,  the syrup is based on monosaccharide solution which do not undergo changes in products with high or low acidity and high temperature. Accordingly, there is no change in the amount of dry substances, as when working with sucrose, that leads to stability of organoleptic characteristics (color, flavor, aroma) over a long period the finished product storage.

7. The ability to use various low in calories products in the production

Since to give sweetness to the product, it requires very little and the energy value of the product rises slightly (from 0.1 to 2.3 Kcal per 100g.). At the same time, unlike most sweeteners, syrup is a natural product.


The price of syrup is 240 rubles per 1 liter that is equivalent to 8 kg of sugar, and corresponds to 30 rubles per 1 kg if it was sugar.
There are WAT 18% included in these 30 rubles for syrup, there are WAT 10% included in 40 rubles for sugar (the average price of the market is taken at the time of publication).


With the result that:

The price of syrup is 25.42 rubles w/o WAT. 25,42r. 
The price of sugar is 36.36 rubles w/o WAT. 36,36r.


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