About us

Europa Engineering Company started in 2002.

The new business idea was the response to market needs, the supply of modern bottling beverage lines, plastic packaging production, food pre-packaging and packaging.

Russian companies were in desperate need of the experienced professional services, the professionals who know the industry specifics, who are able to do business with Europe, China, and the USA equipment manufacturers.

Along with the supply question there was also the urgent need for the certified installation services, equipment installation and setup.

Taking into consideration all the circumstances, the Europa Engineering management has focused on professional team-building and close alliance between the industry leaders from Italy, Germany, China and other countries.

Strategic tasks have been successfully completed, and today it may safely be said that Europa Engineering is a prosperous and stable company with strong market footing.

The company is more than fifteen years old. It has in its credit hundreds of successful contracts with the famous Russian brands of mineral water, juices, milk and other non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Europa Engineering is an official world leader partner: SIDEL, TETRA PAK, DIPRAN, NATE, ASG and KRONES.

The company has its own service center and its area is 2000 sq. m. in NCFD (North Caucasian Federal District).

The company develops new markets and is always open to new business partnership opportunities.